quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

The answer to life's problems

I've been feeling funny, of late
Like I need to pick up a clean slate.
I think it is because I do not understand love
Were I a christian,
I'd ask from some guidance from above.
Though sometimes I do get buterflies in my belly,
Mostly it is caused by something smelly.
I wonder and wonder in my head...
Is there in me something bad?
Live just makes me feel sad!
This lack of feeling, this lack of luck...
To me, falling in love seems as likely as getting thunderstruck.
So I talked to my friend Louie
Since he was so in love it was even goey
He told me that I was not inept,
But that I used to much my intelect.
"To love is not to think, nor is it an act.
Being in love is just a matter of fact.
A circumstance
A case of chance".
So now I take his words at heart,
And though reality is still a fart,
Love is not all there is for me.
So I thought of a solution
And I made a resolution:
Since hymans are harder to be met,
I have now adopted a pet.
My and my sweet little furry,
My dear Mr. Murry
Are like two peas in a pot.
Also, in the winter he keeps my feet hot.
He is now getting quite fat,
But I like nothing better than my adorable cat.

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