sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Happy-go-lucky girl

Happy-go-lucky girl,
In her head she had a curl
In her pocket no money,
Because she did not think it was funny.

In the summer her lover said that he would go away,
But she happily believed that he would stay.
However she seemed to have run out of luck,
And this is how she learned just how much life can suck.

Questions formed in her brain,
And this is how she learned how thinking can be a pain.
In this planet she felt tiny,
So happy-go-lucky girl became a little less shiny.

"We are all alone in our tiny minds,
And I don't know how come the human being finds,
The courage,
The strength,
The will to blend."

She wandered alone in the streets at night,
Even though every sound gave her a fright.
Going into every dingy bar,
Asking strangers for a ride in their car.

Watching people in their darkest fases,
Writting in her notebook their wittiest frases.
With them she wrote a song,
Although there was no one to sing along.

Still with no money in her pocket,
Just a picture of her lost lover in a locket,
Happy-go-lucky girl kept wandering about,
But no, you would never hear her cry, scream or shout.

Only alone in her tiny room,
Would the girl make a boom.
Years latter she would look back,
And see all that in this life she had come to lack.

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